Quartz, Porcelain & Tile
That looks like Real Marble

Quartz, Porcelain & Tile That looks like Real Marble

QUARTZ3 Quartz

Are you looking for quartz counter tops that look like real marble? We have plenty of prefabricated quartz and custom quartz brands that replicate the look of real marble. Of course, it is impossible to replicate mother nature by 100%, but our counters sure do come close! Marble- look quartz is by far the most popular style/type of quartz counters.

In addition to quartz counter tops that look like real marble, we also offer porcelain counter tops & tiles that looks like marble for your shower, back splash and floor. Yes, you heard that right, the latest marble print technology is now available in porcelain as well. We anticipate porcelain counter tops to be the new quartz in the coming years because that technology used to print the marble pattern on porcelain rather then quartz give it a much better appearance, you almost cannot even tell its not real marble! In addition porcelain is better at withstanding heat and water then quartz. Porcelain is also going to be available in thinner sheets, which is perfect for shwoer walls, and since its thinner, that makes it much more affordable!

QUARTZ4 Quartz

Marble look Quartz and porcelain that looks like real marble is a trend thats here to stay, This look started early in 2012 and seemingly every year, the technology is getting better and more advanced giving the final results a truer marble look, its amazing to see how far the technology has advanced overtime and especially in 2018, 2019 and 2020.. This look is not going anywhere, and has been increasing in popularity all across the globe. We have many choices that look like real marble, such as white carrara, calacatta gold and statuario cuts. Incase you are wondering, there really is not too many granite colors that look like marble, as the mineral compound in each stone produces such a different and unique look. Granite and marble have two very distinct patterns, transparency and colors. The most popular real marble is calacatta gold and its variants cuts – this is the closest look of quartz that most quartz factories have aimed for.

This is such a popular option because most clients do not want or have the time to take care of real marble, and real marble is very expensive. This is a very good, if not better alternative then the real deal. Usually something that imitates another products is sub-par, however not in this case.

Many brands offer quartz that looks like marble, such as caesarstone, silestone, pental, spectrum and our prefab factories as well.

QUARTZ4 Quartz

Please contact us if you would like to us to text or email you pictures of our options, or visit one of our showrooms to take a look in person.