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Experts Tech Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles
Complete your entire project with us and save your time and costs. We can assist with your plumbing, electrical & painting needs during your kitchen and bathroom remodel. The convenience factor is beyond great, imagine having one company doing everything for you, from A-Z. A typical kitchen and bath remodel consists of many trades, why hire and project manage 5 or more different installers from different companies, when you can just deal with one person and one company? You would actually spend less, and have less work to do yourself! By bundling all of the service with only one company, you will receive that special package price. This is truly a no brainer! Below you will find a list of what typically needs to be completed with a standard to advanced kitchen and bath remodel.
Plumbing Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles


  • Disconnect & reconnect appliances, sink, faucet, stove, microwave, range hood, refrigerator
  • Update valves and fittings after demo
  • Recopper old galvanized piping
  • Relocate or close plumbing lines – i.e. move sink or gas line to other side of kitchen
Plumbing Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles
Electrical Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles


  • Update old electrical outlets to new GFCI (round-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, is a fast-acting circuit breaker designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground-fault within as little as 1/40 of a second
  • Add new outlets with USB!
  • Recessed lighting
paint Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles


  • Complete interior and exterior painting – including kitchen cabinets painting makeover
paint Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles
plumb electric page Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles

Soffit removal & box light with crown molding

  • Removal of soffit to create a more open space feel
  • Get rid of the old box light with a can lights surrounded by beautiful crown molding
Below is a list of a typical kitchen and bath remodel sequence list – hire us and save time & money, we are licensed to complete all of the above.

The process / sequence of events to achieve a perfect kitchen & bath remodel:

  1. Planning your space / selecting materials / Finalizing custom 3D designs
  2. Prep work / Dust control (This takes about ½ to 1 day to complete)
  3. Demolition & haul away of your existing kitchen (1-2 days)
  4. Complete rough electrical/ lighting &/or plumbing work (2-7 days)
  5. Patch drywall or replace it entirely (1-3 days)
  6. Interior Paint (1-3 days)
  7. Install flooring (1-3 days)
  8. Install kitchen / bath cabinets (1-3 days)
  9. Fabricate & install counter tops (1-2 days)
  10. Install tile back splash (1-2 day)
  11. Complete final electrical/lighting, appliances, sink & faucet reconnection (1-2 days)
  12. Touch up paint (½ day)
  13. Thorough clean up (½ day)
  14. Enjoy your dream kitchen
kitch cabinet Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles

Cabinet Painting Services

Are you looking for a short – to long term refresh? Or did you just move in and do not have time for a full on remodel? Painting your cabinets is a quick and budget friendly way of drastically improving your kitchen cabinets! Pair this with our prefab quartz counter tops and our tile back splash and you got a dream kitchen without that price tag! Our painter has over 35 years of painting experience, he has been doing this pretty much is entire life and he is well into his 50’s. Painting your cabinets it not an easy task, but it can be for the experienced do it yourselfer. Team up with Choice Granite Inc. and let us do the paint for you, at a reasonably cost!

Our painting process consists of the following sequence

cons icon 1 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles


cons icon 2 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles

Two coats of oil based primer

cons icon 3 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles

1-2 coats of any paint you desire

cons icon 4 Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Los Angeles

10 year warranty

We can assist you with all of these services. It is extremely convenient, time & money saving to let one company / contractor coordinate all of these services for you.

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