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How much will my marble counter top cost?

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Marble Applications

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Counter tops
  • Exterior / interior
  • Fireplaces
  • Shower walls
  • Bath floors
pic1 Marble Counter Top
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Popular Marble Patterns and Colors


Bianco Venatino Honed

Marble comes in all sorts of colors, finishes & patterns

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Gold
  • Beige
  • Solid
  • Veiny
  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Brushed

Available Options

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Marble Counter Tops and Tile Must Know Knowledge

Marble stone is created and formed from basically limestone – another type of natural stone. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is basically super heated and then forms its unique mineral compound and crystal structure. Marble countertops surfaces are timeless, which means marble will always look new – it will never be outdated! Marble by nature is cold in temperature, which is great for cooking! Check out our blogs on more things you should know about marble counter tops slabs for your kitchen and bathroom.

Marble is the king of stone, it is the ultimate counter surface, marble is often duplicated but never imitated. As you can see in todays market trends, everything is trying to replicate the marble look such as quartz and porcelain. The reason for this is because it is more affordable, and slightly easier to clean – however, man made products will never duplicate mother nature.

Marble tiles and counter tops is very easy to care for if you seal it once or twice a year, even three times a year if you cook a lot. Marble etches naturally over time (10-20 years) Please do not discourage from all the horror stories you may read online about marble not being a suitable option for your counter top or floors. Marble is not different then anything else in life, everything in life requires maintenance. Marble is no different. Granted, it is a tad bit less maintenance then granite, quartz and quartzite – but not more then you think. To put it into perspective, washing your own car takes much more work then sealing your marble!

The main difference between marble slabs and granite slab is, marble counter tops has a completely different look and feel then granite slabs and the maintenance of granite is bit easier then marble. Granite can handle higher temperature pots n pans.

On geological level, Granite consists of Feldspar and a few other minerals including , Quartz is a very very hard mineral.

Marble on the other hand, is classified as metamorphic rock because it is created by the transformation of another type of stone called sedimentary rocks. Marble usually consists of Calcium Carbonate which is much softer than the components of granite. However, marble is still very tough.

Marble Counter Tops


Marble Counter Tops & tile are a timeless look, it will always look new. Marble is a great way to showcase a modern or a traditional design for your kitchen or bath. Marble tile and slabs are available in a polished or honed finish. There are over 100 marble options to choose from! From classic white carrara to calacatta gold, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Marble can be sold by either by square feet of by the amount of slabs you need.

You could spend $2,500-$25,000 (average is about $3,500-$7,500) out the door for new marble counter tops including the fabrication, installation, sink cut outs and sales tax. Depending on which color you choose and how large your kitchen is. Please contact us for a free quote.

We offer every marble color that is available from around the world quarries. The dominant countries are mainly Italy and Spain.

Important things to know about Marble:

  • Marble is a sensitive stone, acidic things commonly found in your kitchen such as vinegar, oil, soda, wine, fruit, coffee, etc.. can etch the marble and stain it
  • Marble is so popular that a lot of manufacturers attempt to mimic the look of marble using artificial engineered process. Among these products are laminates, quartz and now porcelain.
  • Marble is extremely heat resistant
  • Marble is less brittle then quartz or granite, so if you have a unique shaped kitchen or island, marble sometimes is easier to fabricate vs. other types of counter top stones
  • Marble patterns are known mainly for the veins pattern and flow
  • Marble can naturally etches over time – etching are damage to the surface of the stone, usually because of with acid exposure. The acid actually eats the marble – creating a somewhat noticeable spot. The obvious solution is to keep any type of acid away from it, but that is not always possible. To fix you can buy a marble polishing powder to remove small etch marks. If the damage is severe, we can help you repair it.
  • Stains basically is defined as changes in the color of the marble slab.The stain is not a actual damage. Stains happen because of certain liquids sitting too long on the counter top or tile…you can avoid this of course by making sure its sealed and cleaning up right away. Remember all natural stone, especially marble is porous, so you must keep a critical eye on it.

Marble counter tops and tile maintenance tips:

  • Must be sealed once a year or every 6 months if you cook often
  • Honed finish is slightly harder to take care of vs. polished
  • Daily maintenance is using a stone cleaner and sealer 2 in 1 spray bottle with a soft cloth or paper towel OR you can also use dish washing soap since its antibacterial and warm water – stay away from clorox wipes
  • If you encounter a stain, soft scrub with bleach and a special sponge will usually get rid of most stains. The point of sealing is to repel stains and bacteria. Miracle sealants is the #1 brand.
  • Marble scratches quite easily. While these surface damage you can easily correct, it does make marble more high maintenance than quartz or granite counter tops

You might be thinking by now that marble is a pain to take care of, but realistically on d daily basis it is not. Bottomline is make sure you seal it 1-2 times a year (Sealing only takes 5-10 minutes) so we’re talking only 20 minutes per year. This is a good perspective to have if you really want marble but are being discouraged by negative feedback online. In add’t you’re naturally going to clean up a spill regardless what type of stone you have. If you want marble, get it – marble is the classiest choice and the king of all stones.

FAQ About Marble Couner Tops & Marble Slabs

Which is harder marble or granite?
Granite is harder because of the natural mineral compound found in nature.
What is more expensive granite or marble?

Marble Quarry Marble Counter TopThis is a toss up – this basically comes down to basic economics: supply and demand.
Although sometimes certain quarries are harder to access, , which can also drive up the price.


Why is Marble so expensive?
Supply and demand.
Which one is better marble or granite?
This is a subjective question – neither is better, they both have pros and cons. In terms of maintenance granite is better, in terms of beauty that is subjective. In terms of strength and practicality , granite takes the rein.
Why is Marble so popular?
Simply put, because it is one of the earths most beautiful stone, quarried all the way from the hill tops of italy, to your kitchen or bath! Oh, and its also very practical and beautiful! marble is able to withstand extreme heat used all over the world!
Why is marble not good for kitchens?
Cons of marble should not be ignored: porous (can stain) thats why you must seal it!!!! It is generally speaking a soft stone (can scratch, chip, and etch – it can be expensive compared to wood, or tile coutner tops.
Marble is one of the most if not the most classiest choice of all counter tops. Marble is mainly quarried from Italy and is simply beautiful. The colors, veining and feeling you get when you look at marble is simply priceless. Marble gets a bad rap when it comes to maintenance. It is not that difficult to upkeep marble! Marble like any other natural stone requires sealing. The point of sealing is to repel stains and bacteria. Marble is more porous then granite and quartzite, however if you could spare just 10 minutes every 6 months to seal it – your marble will last a lifetime with no staining problems! It really is that simple. Just think about it, all of the busy hotels across the world such as Las Vegas, New York, Europe – they all have marble. Millions of people walk on that marble every year, and the marble looks fine! This goes to show you, that a little upkeep goes a long way. Marble counter tops truly is beautiful. There are about 50-75 marble colors ranging from $10 per s.f. – $150 per s.f. – average is about $18-$30 per square foot. Marble is a great choice for counter tops, floors, back splash and bathrooms. Available in polished, satin and honed finishes

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