Los Angeles Curbless Showers: Stylish and Safe

Posted By: Choice Granite & Kitchen Cabinets Inc - Los Angeles

January 19, 2021

If you watch home renovation shows (don’t we all?), you’ve seen some stunning open bathrooms featuring huge curbless showers. Curbless showers are also an excellent choice for older people who have mobility issues, such as trouble stepping over the edge of the tub or shower curb.

Curbless showers go by a variety of names, these include.

  • Zero-threshold shower
  • One-level shower
  • Floor level shower
  • Barrier-free shower
  • Wet-room

Curbless showers can be an excellent choice for aging parents to renovate their bathroom to make their shower a lot safer. We have put together a list of the benefits of having a curbless shower.

We have put together a few quick benefits about curbless showers:

  • Safety. There is nothing to step over, which decreases the chances of tripping or falling. Eliminating the shower curb makes it easier for people with mobility problems, including arthritis or bad joints, to enter the shower by themselves.
  • Privacy. Decreases the need for the elderly to assist in getting into the curbless shower.
  • Space. A curbless shower allows you to maximize the floor space in a small bathroom.

Cubless showers are great for people of all ages; their superior elegant design and easy to keep clean.

Curbless showers do have a few negative aspects, although you can take steps to prevent most of these problems:

  • They tend to cost a little more to install than a regular shower or shower-tub combo.
  • Proper installation is crucial to ensure the shower pan drains correctly and the room. We take special steps to make sure that the bathroom is properly waterproofed.

How Can I Save Money on a Curbless shower?

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